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Make your child’s birthday party a dance party with Zumbatomic !!

Add something special to your wedding, anniversary party or house party with Zumba dancers who will get everyone up and moving !

Too busy to get to the gym for Zumba classes ? Host a Zumba party in your home for a great girls night in !

Dorothy Bousseau ~ 917.806.2291

Licensed Zumba, Zumba Gold & Zumbatomic Instructor




Please note Wednesday night class is cancelled on August 29th – Wednesday  class resumes @ 8 PM on September 5th

75-09 71st Avenue, Middle Village New York 11379   Tel: (718) 326-2GYM


8:00-9:o0 PM:        DANCE CARDIO : sample all varieties of Zumba and BeMoved : no dance experience required – no pressure to “get the steps right” !! All that is required is the desire to move and have fun !! 

9:00-9:30PM:          BEGINNER’S PILATES MAT …… develop a leaner, longer-looking muscle, core strength and stability, and heighten mind-body awareness utilizing renowned Stott Pilates Methodology



My new Senior Fit program contains the same elements of BeMoved and Pilates Mat but just gives a little more attention to pace and impact as well as fine-tuning the music we dance to. Both classes are offered as a package – 2 for 1 drop in class rate of $10.00 to be paid at the front desk of the gym.** You don’t have to do both classes but you can without incurring an extra charge.

10:00 AM-11:45AM    BeMoved

For those of you who haven’t tried it yet,  BeMoved is a dance fitness experience for adults of all ages and skill levels created by world renowned choreographer and director, Sherry Zunker . BeMoved was designed to deliver a safe, body-friendly movement by inspiring participants to embrace dance as a lifelong path to health, joy and fulfillment. Each week focuses on a different musical genre such as Bollywood, Gospel Pop, Swing, Latin and Disco. Classes begin with easy-to-follow therapeutic movements sure to inspire anyone from first-time dancers to professionals.

11:00-11:30 Tone & Sculpt

Start a strength training program utilizing body bar and free weights .

11:30AM-12 PM         PILATES MAT

My Pilates Mat Beginner class utilizes the STOTT Pilates method which is designed to increase core strength, flexibility and stability by restoring the natural curves of the spine and re-balancing the muscles around the joints. Preparatory exercises and modifications allow the technique to be appropriate for many different body types and abilities.

For more info contact: Dorothy (917) 806-2291 ~


75-09 71st Avenue, Middle Village New York 11379   Tel: (718) 326-2GYM



8:00-9:o0 PM:        DANCE CARDIO : assorted varieties such as ….BeMoved, Zumba and Danceteria Cardio Read the rest of this entry »

D’s Danceteria

The Menu


the new dance fitness experience designed by choreographer Sherry Zunker….classes begin with easy to follow therapeutic movements that integrate the upper and lower body. The warm up flows into dance styles inspired by a wide variety of muscial genres such as Bollywood, jazz, Latin and disco. Designed to inspire participants to embrace dance as a lifelong means to health, joy and fulfillment.

Hi-Lo Dance Cardio

Mixed high and low impact cardio dance class to classic disco and hip hop beats – guaranteed to make you sweat !

Ballet Bodies

Intense ballet barre and floor exercises using traditional body-weight resistance exercises with muscle elongating techniques to achieve long and lean muscles.

Pilates Mat and Power Mat

Utilize proper Stott Pilates technique to tone abdominals, strengthen your core and increase flexibility in your spine without joint stress.

In home personal training – we deliver !!

Inquire about ordering a slice fitness delivered straight to your door !! ………Now it’s even easier to get started with in home personal training sessions.

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